Web Design

A small collection of three point, mobile first web pages.
Designed and wire framed in Sketch, exported in Zeplin.


Rejected Fringe Illustrations

Very early stage creative concepts that did not have legs past the original program ads, so we moved to a more broad concept.


Corporate Challenge Illustrations

With a 70’s aesthetic for the 2019 YEG Corporate Challenge a "vintage” aesthetic was the eventual direction. The final artwork was taken in a slightly different direction from the original ideation, (mid century signage) but the work done in the early stages laid excellent ground work for the penultimate piece.


Ember Awards Sponsorship

ATB Financial’s sponsorship published in the 2018 Digital Alberta Ember Awards program. ATB was to present an award on diversity in the digital space. The ad was to reflect that in some way.


Alex Stuart Designer
Jennifer Manning Copywriter